Texel Ottoman        2009

The original Texel Ottoman was designed to test local wool from Dutch Texel sheep that had been made into yarn by a spinner in the Netherlands. Sadly, the local spinner has closed. 

The ottoman is made by winding thick woollen yarn into a ball. A special winding device was invented in order to produce a ball without a hole at its centre. The Texel Ottoman is currently in production by t.e. and is currently made of New Zealand wool. 


PIG 05049
ISBN: 978-90-812413-1-1
English, 14 x 19,6 cm, 416 pages

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bookstores: ideabooks.nl

The Netherlands: bol.com
bookstores: Cluit B.V.


Urchin pouf, Flax project, Aran rug, Texel ottoman , Bottom Ash Observatory, Pigeon Service:


Photography: Mathijs Labadie, Roel van Tour 
Text edit: Laura Houseley
Graphic design: Kumi Hiroi
Coding: Henrik van Leeuwen 



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