PIG 05049        2007

Pig 05049 is an in-depth research project in book form. The book chronicles the many consumer products that were made from a pig called 05049. The book offers an extraordinary and insightful look into how this one animal, a single source, provides raw material for a vast number of everyday objects.

Meindertsma’s clinical presentation of each laboriously researched object, page by page, organised by body part, follows the progress of the dissection of Pig 05049 and the subsequent use of each part. Some products, she found, are expected and familiar whilst other diverge dramatically, such as: ammunition, medicine, photo paper, cigarettes, conditioner and bio diesel. This universal story is clearly and honestly told by Meindertsma, without bias. Pig 05049 is currently in its 5th edition. 

Pig 05049 won an Index award in 2009 in the category of Play.

COMMISSIONED BY: Own initiated project 
CREDITS: Julie Joliat (graphic designer)




PIG 05049
ISBN: 978-90-812413-1-1
English, 14 x 19,6 cm, 416 pages

International: amazon.com 
bookstores: IDEA books

The Netherlands: bol.com
bookstores: Cluit B.V.


Urchin pouf, Flax project, Aran rug, Texel ottoman , Bottom Ash Observatory, Pigeon Service:

Flax Chair & Roadplate rug  labelbreed.nl


Photography: Mathijs Labadie
Text edit: Laura Houseley
Graphic design: Kumi Hiroi
Coding: Henrik van Leeuwen 



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