Flax Project - Linen Damast        2016

The Flax project was initiated by a commission from Thomas Eyck, but this was just the beginning of what was to become a substantial and ongoing project for Meindertsma. Meindertsma discovered that flax was still grown by farmers in the coastal area that runs from Normandy in France, via Belgium and Zeeland in the Netherlands and some in the Felvopolder region, where the climate is wet and relatively warm because of the gulf stream. Ninety percent of this European-grown flax is exported to China where linen yarns and fabric are made from it. Meindertsma embarked on a project to investigate if locally-produced flax could again become a commodity.

In 2012 Meindertsma purchased the entire flax harvest of Gert-Jan van Dongen: 10,000 kilos of fibre. Her ambition was to produce a commercial collection from it. She spun the fibre into yarn fine enough to make table linen, and designed a collection of teatowels, napkins and a tablecloth. Meindertsma took the topography for the flax fields themselves as inspiration for a Damask pattern; photographing the fields from a hot air balloon and turning the grid-like images of the Flevopolder region into a woven teatowel.

For the complete project and all films: flaxproject.com

CREDITS:  Van de Bilt zaden en vlas, Textilelab, Gert-Jan van Dongen


Photography: Mathijs Labadie, Roel van Tour
Text edit: Laura Houseley
Graphic design: Kumi Hiroi
Coding: Henrik van Leeuwen



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