The Flax Project

The Flax Project started in 2009 with a collection of products that Christien Meindertsma designed for Thomas Eyck. The collection was made in collaboration with traditional ropemaker Touwslagerij Steenbergen and woodworkers Kuperus & Gardenier.

Flax is a material which used to be one of the most important textile fibres in the Netherlands, it was grown and processed into all kinds of textiles. Nowadays flax is farmed in much smaller quantities and is mainly shipped to China to be processed further. With the Flax Project Meindertsma aims to make a series of products from flax that are produced locally. From the seed to the end product.

In march 2010 farmer Gert Jan van Dongen sowed flax seeds on his farm in the Flevopolder. The seeds grew into plants and were harvested in the end of the summer of 2010. Christien Meindertsma is currently developing the harvest of the whole lot into end products. The latest outcome is the Flax chair.

With special thanks to Gert-Jan and Carla van Dongen and all the others involved in growing flax for all their hospitality and showing the proces of growing flax.

Filmed by Roel van Tour.